Blue Öyster Cult

The clock strikes twelve, the moon drops first

Out at you from her hiding place

Like acid and oil on a madman's face

Reason tends to fly away...

It's the nexus of a crisis and the origin of storms

Just the place to hopelessly

Encounter time

And then came he...

(From Astronomy, 1974)



 group of intelligent, evil aliens from a distant galaxy, it is a mystery why the Blue Öyster Cult have chosen to visit our planet. Supposedly all the answers are contained in their Imaginos album - yes, they play some great rock music as well! - but that particular work has sent many a fragile human to a padded cell and makes the Revelations of St. John the Divine seem positively harmless...
Click here to view some pics of of the Blue Öyster Cult performing live, taken by the Church's very own Monsignor d'Absinthe in London, 1989.



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