And if you bury me, add three feet to it

one for your sorrow, two for your sweat

three for the strange things we never forget

and long after we're gone

the light will stay on

(From The Light Will Stay On, 1996)



he Walkabouts: proof that music is not yet dead! - in the increasingly sterile environment which passes for the so-called "music" industry nowadays the Walkabouts are the equivalent of stumbling head-first into a cool, shady oasis after days of wandering desperately through a parched desert...

A group from Seattle based around mainman Chris Eckman and his talented partner-in-crime Carla Torgersson, the Walkabouts fit into no category yet invented and have everything which the music industry frowns upon these days: beautiful, thoughtful, emotional lyrics, astonishing musical talent, diversity, and the ability to turn the whole package into a musical experience which leaves you thinking: "Just what the hell was THAT?!?". No description could do justice to this band - listen to what they did to Charlie Rich's Feel Like Goin' Home; check out songs like Blue Head Flame, Forgiveness Song, Slow Red Dawn or Forever Gone. Throw away your radio, switch off the TV and put on a Walkabouts CD - hope still survives!

The Church has sent emissaries to several Walkabouts gigs and can confirm that they are an unparalelled live act - and that Chris is rarely to be seen without a drink in his hand! (A nicer pisshead would be hard to find, we must say, and thanks to both Chris and Carla for repeatedly taking the time to talk to various inebriated Church members after the gigs - cheers!).

Among the various offshoot projects of the Walkabouts is the "Chris & Carla" chapter - the two lynchpins of the Walkabouts have recorded two albums by themselves (Life Full Of Holes and Swinger 500, every bit as good as the "regular" Walkabouts material).

Recently, the Walkabouts were officially inducted into the Church Of The Holy Drinkers: click here to see some of the photos from the ceremony on 20.01.02!



Devil's Road
Satisfied Mind
Trail Of Stars


Walkabouts Website


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