Will Oldham


I was drunk at the pulpit, I knew it was wrong and I left in mid-sermon tempted by a bar-house song

the pews creaked and shifted as they turned to watch me leave and I pulled a little bottle from the pocket in my sleeve

the sunlight was stronger to my church-dark widened eyes than the light which had blinded me with Christ's own half-lies

yes mid-sunday morning, my old playmates sat round a stumble stained table,

Christopher spat and he kicked out a chair and showed me to sit then they started back singing in that shit-smelling pit

they were grinning and dribbling with comforted heads their wives were in church or at home and in beds

well I sucked down a cupful and God shone within in a red earthen mask, and I saw where I'd been was a palace of sin.

(From (I Was Drunk At) The Pulpit, 1993)



ow to describe Will Oldham? At first impression you might think he was on the run from a mental asylum - but then he picks up a guitar... Two hours later you positively KNOW he's escaped from a padded cell, but anyone who can play like this will always have a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card!
Oldham has been around for quite a few years now, making wonderful, quirky music under such names as The Palace Brothers, Bonnie Prince Billy etc. He came to wider attention when Johnny Cash covered his marvellous song I See A Darkness for his Solitary Man album.

Mr. Oldham - literally - bumped into Cardinal Casey before his 08.04.01 gig in Munich, hiccoughing and muttering something about "f****** stage...", then made a beeline for the bar, as all good saints of the Church do... Casey returned the compliment by taking various photos of him during the gig, available here.



Guarapero (Lost Blues Vol. 2)
Ease Down The Road (Bonnie Prince Billy)


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