Terry Lee Hale

Cardinal Hank, Terry Lee, Cardinal Casey

Fire in the darkness will get you through

but luck you're always going to need

Sometimes a man and a woman just gotta move ahead

take a bow when it's over and leave

settle for the passion, level of trust

settle for the price to pay

settle for love in a fucked-up world

settle for the take away

(From Old Hand, 1998)



 true gentleman and one of the finest musicians around today, Terry Lee Hale was once a native of Texas, then Seattle, before settling in France. He records for the renowned Glitterhouse label, making heartbreakingly beautiful music with just his voice and mainly an acoustic guitar, although numerous other instruments, including his beloved dobro, also come to the fore.

The Old Hand album was an exception, an electric affair, showing Metallica how it is done... He is also one quarter of the unbelievably talented group calling themselves Hardpan (pictures of their Munich 2002 gig available here), along with his partners-in-crime Chris Burroughs, Todd Thibaud & Joseph Parsons.

(The whiskey's waiting for you next time you swing through here, Terry - see you then!)




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