Church of the Holy Drinkers

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Listening, not obeying

and relating, not ordering

(Motto of the C.o.t.H.D)

........and don't forget the drinking!!!


The story so far


he Church of the Holy Drinkers has its origins in a series of conversations between followers of various beliefs and philosophies.
At some point we can no longer identify a question arose: was there a single church to which we could all belong? After many deep and meaningful (and drunken) conversations we came to the conclusion that no such an institution existed. Not content with this state of affairs we considered if there was a common denominator for this loose group of Buddhists, Materialists, Catholics, Atheists etc. etc. After further seemingly endless discussions, suitably fuelled with generous amounts of beer and whiskey, we were able to agree on a basic dogma:

The Dogma of the Church of the Holy Drinkers

We believe in alcohol as a proof for the existence of (insert god(s) of choice); or, for the non-religious members of the organisation: as a proof that life is not merely shit!!!

Membership of the Church of the Holy Drinkers does not preclude membership of any other church or organisation - each Holy Drinker decides for himself what he otherwise wishes to believe.
The Church does not claim to hold any absolute truths!! The Church of the Holy Drinkers is a platform for discussion between freethinkers - no more, but no less! There are no commandments or laws, only a motto and a plea to treat others with regard.
Titles within the Church of the Holy Drinkers confer no rights, but the solemn duty to have something to drink in the house when other members come to visit!


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